Matt Kaulig and his racing team–Kaulig Racing–are laser-focused on winning its first-ever championship this season, however, the work Matt and his companies have done in the community have been recognized by NASCAR as well.

WKYC’s Jim Donovan recently interviewed Matt, who is a finalist for the 2020 Comcast Community Champion of the Year Award.

WKYC Front Row: Jim Donovan Interview with Matt Kaulig

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Jim Donovan: Matt Kaulig joins us, and a hearty congratulations, Matt is one of three finalists for the Comcast Community Champion Award in the world of NASCAR. Matt, I know that your community giving is really second to none–certainly around our area. It’s not why you do it–no doubt about it–but it’s nice to be recognized, isn’t it?

Matt Kaulig: It is great to be recognized and it’s a big deal in the NASCAR community; I mean only three finalists are honored every year. It’s great to do things for the community. It’s great to do business and with all the companies that we are involved with and have and then to give back. So it’s really cool to be honored that way.

Jim Donovan: You have been front and center on a lot of things that have come down the road this year–which are maybe even more important this year, maybe than in the past. What drives you to say, “Hey, listen, we’ve got to get involved and got to really get involved to help?”

Matt Kaulig: I really feel–we really feel, Lisa and my family, and my company and all the employees in our companies–that somebody has to step up and do great things. We focus completely on Northeast Ohio and helping make our community–just as you guys do–make it the best community we can and help the people in this area. I feel very blessed and very fortunate to be in the situation that we’re in–that I’m in and that all of our teammates and family are in–and it’s important to give back to the community. So we want to be the leader. You want to be the leader in business and be a leader in giving and be an inspiration to people.

Jim Donovan: Congratulations for being a finalist and we truly appreciate you in this area.

Matt Kaulig: Thanks, Jim. And we’re going to keep doing all we can for this community. I love Cleveland; love Northeast Ohio.