Matt Kaulig and his NASCAR team—Kaulig Racing—were the subject of a recent feature article by Crain’s Cleveland Business.

The piece documents the incredible rise of Kaulig Racing in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series in five years.

“It’s conceivable that Kaulig Racing, which had 10 top-five finishes before racking up 27 this year, will enter the final race of the year with its two full-time drivers in contention for a title,” writes Crain’s Kevin Kleps.

If that were to happen, “‘It would be absolutely incredible for our organization,’ Kaulig said of the possibility.”

Referring to Kaulig Racing’s desire to be an Xfinity Series “powerhouse,” the piece also looks to the future—one that could include a full-time NASCAR Cup Series car by 2022.

“It’s definitely something that we would love to go and do, but we want to do it right,” Chris Rice, President, Kaulig Racing, told Crain’s. “We don’t want to go and do the Cup Series and run 35th. We want to be able to go and compete, and we know it’s going to be another starting point.”

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