Matt Kaulig shared his wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and business during a recent interview as a guest speaker at the Smart Business Dealmakers Cleveland M&A Conference.

The interviews touched on a variety of topics helpful for those wanting to build their businesses.

One of the big topics was navigating COVID-19 while still moving forward and expanding opportunities. Focus on doing what you do best, Matt told the audience. While the pandemic has been a major challenge for so many, he believes it’s also another aspect of adapting to a constantly changing environment.

Matt also helped answer questions like:

  • How should entrepreneurs be focusing their time, attention, and efforts while reacting to COVID while still trying to attract capital investment?
  • How important is diversification? How can it benefit entrepreneurs who want to grow outside their core business?
  • Is now a good time to innovate and reimagine your company?
  • With everyone home more during this pandemic and focusing on home projects, has that been beneficial to your businesses?
  • Have you changed your approach to dealmaking since you began? What lessons have you learned along the way?
  • As you look into the future, what’s next for your companies?

Be sure to watch segments of Matt’s interview below and hear his thoughts on various subjects important in today’s business world.

Matt Kaulig Speaks at Smart Business Dealmakers Cleveland M&A Conference