The process of finding and hiring the right employee can be time-consuming and costly. Plus, it’s a decision that you don’t want to get wrong. Matt Kaulig knows what it takes to build a successful business and brand. His track record with Leaf Home Solutions and Kaulig Companies is proof that he knows how to hire the right people to grow a profitable business. It doesn’t happen by accident, and he’s here to share his advice on how to hire the right people.  

Here are three things Matt looks for in hiring prospective employees:  

(1) Work Ethic 

The first thing Matt looks for is people who have a strong work ethic. This means they have an internal motor that is fueled with the values of working hard, determination, and desire. The bottom line is that a good employee will be one that is willing to work hard.  

(2) Positive Attitude

Your attitude says everything about you and your ability to perform at a high level. Having employees with positive attitudes in the workplace is a key ingredient to building healthy, productive teams. Employees that have a positive mindset are employees that are engaged in their work. 

(3) Talent

Matt’s been successful as an entrepreneur and business executive because he is a talent-seeker. Employees that are talented in their craft can adapt and learn quickly. This helps move the business forward. Talented employees who are difference makers are exactly who you want in your workforce.  

“Talented employees who are difference makers are exactly who you want in your workforce.”

Matt Kaulig

If you want to develop a better work culture and increase productivity, find employees who have the right values, attitude, and skill set to accomplish your business goals. This will create an enormous amount to chemistry in the workplace, resulting in the successful work culture you’re looking for. Having the right workplace culture is worth more than you could ever imagine. Sticking to these three things—work ethic, positive attitude, and talent—when looking to hire prospective employees will guarantee your ability to create an unstoppable workforce.  

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